War of Independence Timeline: Military Dates

War of Independence Timeline: Military Dates

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Many historians accept a distinction made by John Adams between the American Revolution and the War for Independence. The major events of the armed conflict are summarized in the table below.The events that transformed colonists into an independent people are summarized in the American Revolution timeline.


Main Theater

Secondary Theater




Virginia assembly suspended; Patrick Henry "liberty or death" speech

April 18

Revere and Dawes alert countryside

April 19

Battle of Lexington and Concord

May 10

Ethan Allen at Ticonderoga; Crown Point falls May 12Second Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia

May 25

Henry Clinton, Charles Cornwallis and John Burgoyne arrive in Boston

May 31

Mecklenburg Resolves (N.C.)

June 15

Washington named commander-in-chief; assumes command July 3

June 17

Battle of Bunker Hill

July 5

Olive Branch Petition

July 6

Declaration of Causes of Taking up Arms

August 23

George III declares colonies in rebellion


Congress authorizes naval construction

October 4

Court-martial of Benjamin Church

November 13

Montgomery at Montreal

November 16

Edmund Burke pleads American case in Parliament

November 29

Committee of Secret Correspondence formed

December 9

Battle of Great Bridge (Va.)

December 22

Parliament passes American Prohibitory Act

December 31

Arnold fails at Quebec


Campaigns of 1776

January 15

Paine's Common Sense published

February 27

Loyalist loss at Moore's Creek Bridge (N.C.)

March 3

Continental Navy victory in Bahamas

March 17

British evacuate Boston

June 7

Richard Henry Lee introduces independence resolution in Congress

June 28

Battle of Sullivan's Island (S.C.)

June 29

William Howe to New York harbor; occupies Staten Island on July 2

July 2

Independence resolution approved by Congress

July 4

Jefferson's version of Declaration approved

July 12

Adm. Richard Howe to New York harbor

August 2

Declaration of Independence signed

August 27

British victory at Long Island


Washington escapes disaster at Brooklyn Heights

September 11

Staten Island Peace Conference

September 15

British occupy New York City

September 16

Rare American victory at Harlem Heights

September 21

New York City fire;
Nathan Hale captured

October 11

Arnold at Valcour Island

October 28

British victory at White Plains

November 16

British victory at Fort Washington

November 20

Fort Lee abandoned

December 20

Congress relocates in Baltimore

December 24

Washington war council with generals

December 26

Patriot surprise victory at Trenton

1777Campaigns of 1777

January 3

Patriot victory at Princeton

January - May

Washington winters at Morristown

March 4

Congress returns to Philadelphia

July 5

British take Fort Ticonderoga

August 6

Tactical draw at Oriskany

August 16

Stark over Hessians at Bennington

September 11

British victory at Banndywine

September 16

Battle of the Clouds

September 19

Gates victory at Freeman's Farm

September 21

Paoli Massacre

September 26

Howe occupies Philadelphia

September 27

Congress convenes in Lancaster, Pa.

October 4

American loss at Germantown

October 7

Burgoyne loss at Bemis Heights

October 17

Burgoyne surrender at Saratoga

October 22

Americans hold Fort Mercer

November 15

Congress adopts Articles of Confederation; sent to states for approval

November 16

Fort Mifflin falls to British

December 19

American winter camp at Valley Forge opens


February 6

U.S.-French Alliance signed

May 20

Battle of Barren Hill

June 28

Battle of Monmouth

July 4

Clark takes Kaskaskia

August 8

Siege of Newport, R.I.

December 29

British occupy Savannah


February 14

Loyalists lose at Kettle Creek

February 25

Clark takes Vincennes

April 24

John Paul Jones captures the Drake

June 21

Spain enters war against Britain

July 2

Congress returns to Philadelphia

July 3

Wyoming Valley attacks

July 4

G.R. Clark takes Kaskaskia


Connecticut cities raided by British

July 16

Wayne takes Stony Point

August 19

Lee strikes Paulus Hook

September 23

John Paul Jones takes Serapis

September 28

Tappan Massacre

November 11

Cherry Hill Massacre


February 23

Clark victory at Vincennes

May 12

Charleston falls to British

May 29

British victory at Waxhaw Creek

June 20

Loyalists defeated at Ramseur's Mill

July 11

Arrival of first French toops

August 6

Loyalists defeated at Hanging Rock

August 16

British victory at Camden under Tarleton

September 23

Arrest of John Andre

September 25

Arnold's West Point plot unearthed

October 7

American victory at King's Mountain



Pennsylvania troop mutiny

January 17

Morgan victorious at Cowpens

March 2

Articles of Confederation adopted by 13th state

March 15

Costly British victory at Guilford Courthouse

June 6

Americans take Augusta

July 6

Wayne defeated at Green Springs Farm

September 5

Battle of the Capes

September 6

Arnold raid on New London, Conn.

September 8

Greene defeated at Eutaw Springs

October 19

Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown


March 20

Lord North resigns

July 11

British evacuate Savannah

November 30

Preliminary peace signed between Britain and U.S.

December 14

British evacuate Charleston


April 19

Congress ratifies treaty

September 3

Treaty of Paris signed

November 16

Congress convenes at Annapolis, Md.

November 25

British evacuate New York City

December 4

Washington's farewell dinner with officers

December 23

Washington resigns commission at Annapolis