The ghost of the girl from Coahulia

The ghost of the girl from Coahulia

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The Mexican state of Coahuila keeps among his stories one of the most terrifying that human beings can live as a paranormal experience that marks him for the rest of his life.

It all happened one cold night of the month of October of the year 1945, a man named Antonio Romero, known among his friends as Tony, felt tired after a long day in his taxi, so he was going with the intention of getting to dinner and resting since he had it well earned and what is better he carried to put bread on your family's table.

Missing a few minutes to get home, in the middle of the night breeze he manages to distinguish a young woman who makes him stop so he felt sorry for the girl and decided to stop, after getting into the taxi he could see that she was a young girl with a rather pale complexion but very beautiful, with a gold chain hanging from her chest, which she asked him to take her to. the nearest church and if he could wait for her until she left the mass.

Leaving the church after mass, the young woman asks him to take her to the place where he picked her up, which by the way Tony remembered was a lonely place and not very busy at that time, especially raining, but he did not want to ask and took her to the requested place, but once they arrived she tells him that she has no money to pay him, but that has its gold chain, for which he asks him to take it to the address he is giving him and give it to his father and he will pay for the ticket

Tony accepts not very willingly but in order to receive his pay he goes to the address provided and indeed, an elderly man came out and when he heard Tony's version he began to cry and told him that indeed She was his beloved daughter but it had been 8 years since a car had run over her in that right place and she had died and that I can never perform a mass for her, but that she had found a way for him to know that she had attended mass and to be calm and as a sample she sent her the chain that she used on the day of her burial.

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