They partially destroy the archaeological site ‘Cerro Centinela’ in Peru

They partially destroy the archaeological site ‘Cerro Centinela’ in Peru

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The Peruvian authorities detained two people accused of partially destroy the archaeological site ‘Cerro Centinela’, in the north of the country, which contained tombs with mummies and ceramics from a pre-Hispanic culture, the Ministry of Culture (MINCUL) reported last Sunday.

«The Ministry, in coordination with the Caral archaeological zone, stopped the destruction of a part of the Cerro Centinela archaeological site, located in the Huaura province in the Lima region.«, Indicates a MINCUL statement. The entity explained that archaeologists in the area reported to the police that two farmers removed the land with machines and completely destroyed an area with archaeological remains.

After complaint, the police captured the two farmers They were taken to the Huaura police station, about 150 kilometers north of Lima. «This illegal action has irreparably damaged and destroyed this protected site«Said the ministry.

«As a result of the removal of the land, a large quantity of destroyed ceramics, mummified human corpses from tombs, textiles, a large quantity of remains of pre-Hispanic dwellings that belong to a population of the Huaura Culture, dating back to 1200 - 1470 AD ", detailed the entity.

The Cerro Centinela archaeological site It is located on the right bank of the Huaura River, at a distance of 20 meters from the sea and occupies an area of ​​60 hectares.

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