Biography of Athena (Minerva), the noble warrior goddess

Biography of Athena (Minerva), the noble warrior goddess

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The goddess Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology), was the favorite daughter of Zeus, born directly from his head.

Maiden goddess and warrior, personified noble strength and purity.

In his dispute with Poseidon About who I would preside over Attica, was victorious by granting the inhabitants the olive tree.

According to a legend accidentally killed Palas, one of his playmates and, to perpetuate his memory, he put her name in front of his and made sculpting palladium (or Palladion), a bust that represented her.

This palladium fell from the skies near Ilium, founder of Troy and became the talisman of the city that during the Trojan War it was stolen by Ulysses and Diomedes, being later found and taken to Italy by Aeneas.

Athena and the heroes

He helped various heroes for whom he had sympathy, such as Perseus in his fight against Gorgon Medusa (if it was not she who beheaded her) and placing the head (Gorgonion) in her aegis.

In turn, he protected Ulises and intervened in favor of the Greeks in the Trojan War.

Protected housework, agriculture and industry, promoting medicine under the name of Athena Hygeia.

Goddess of Attica, was worshiped throughout Greece.

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