Who was Janus in Roman mythology? Biography of the protector god of the State

Who was Janus in Roman mythology? Biography of the protector god of the State

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Janus was the Roman god protector of the state, being one of the most important of that mythology. The month of January owes its name to him (Januarius).

Its two faces (Janus Bifronte), allowed him to look back and forth simultaneously and see past and future.

How Janus Portunus guarded the ports and, as Janus Pater, He was God of Gods, having great importance in the creation of the world.

In Rome he was honored on the first day of each month and during all month of Januarius (January).

Biography of Jano

According to one version, he was a later deified mortal residing in Thessaly. He traveled to Lazio and was received by the king of the Cameses region, at whose death he began to reign alone.

Received Saturn (Chronos) when he was banished by Jupiter (Zeus), that as a reward God gave him the gift of knowing the past and the future.

Reign was a time of peace and progress, introducing money and ships, teaching farming, creating cities and giving them laws.

He had Fons with Juturna, Tíber with Camila and Canente with Venilia.

The temple of Janus it remained open in times of war and the doors were closed in times of peace.

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