Short biography of Ares, the brutal Greek God of War

Short biography of Ares, the brutal Greek God of War

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Ares is the God of War, in its brutal character. Was son of Zeus and Hera and was called Mars by the Romans. Was one of the twelve Olympic Divinities.

The Greeks, however, preferred Athena, too Goddess of War but without the brutal character of Ares, who personified carnage and murder on the battlefields, where he appeared in his war chariot, clad in breastplate and helmet, spear and sword.

He was always accompanied by his sons Deimos and Phobos, by Eris (The discord), Bellona and the KeresAlthough he never had a prominent role for the Greeks, he is ridiculed on many occasions, losing countless battles.

Biography of Ares

Irascible God, he was admired only in hades for the amount of souls he sent there. While it was powerful, both Athena as Heracles (for having killed his son Cicno) confronted him and defeated him more than once.

When the Alóades (Oto and Efialtes) attacked Olympus, captured it and it was thanks to Hermes that he was able to get out of the bronze vessel where they had locked him up and where he stayed for thirteen months.

He had many children with gods and humans, although most were predators. In their love affairs with Aphrodite had to Deimos and Phobos (Fright and Fear), Harmony already Eros.

Ares in the Trojan War

In the trojan war he supported the Trojans, but his role was rather poor, being wounded by Athena first and by Diomedes (assisted by Athena) later.

It was exposed before all the gods when Hephaestus captured him with Aphrodite.

Mars in Roman mythology: one of the most important gods

For the Romans, however, Mars was a very important god.

Was considerate the father of Romulus and Remus, being initially worshiped as God of StormsIt was therefore an agricultural divinity that was invoked to protect the crops.

Later was turned into God of War, following the evolution of the Roman people, who from a peasant becomes a warrior.

His sons were, for the most part, violent men who attacked travelers and practiced acts of cruelty.

If in Greece his cult was not very widespread, in Rome, on the other hand, there was lots of parties in his honor and was consulted before undertaking any undertaking.

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