Synopsis of ‘The Valley of the Horses’ (nº2) by Jean M. Auel

Synopsis of ‘The Valley of the Horses’ (nº2) by Jean M. Auel

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The valley of the horses‘Is the second installment of the series «The children of the Earth» from Jean M. Auel, after 'The Clan of the Cave Bear‘.

After being expelled from the Cave Bear Clan, the young Ayla decides to look for those who are like her, the Cro-Magnons, and embarks on a journey full of dangers and adventures until she finds a cave where she can take refuge for a while.

Her extraordinary survival instinct and her restless mind will lead her to great discoveries, such as making fire «of stone" Y tame animals, among others to the Whinney mare, which will become your faithful companion.

In addition, he will have to fight loneliness and pain for that son of «mixed spirits»That he had to leave behind.

Fate leads Ayla to Jondalar, a wounded Zelandonii, whom he takes to his cave to heal.

For a few months they share skills, adventures and feelings.

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