Synopsis of ‘The Cave Bear Clan’ (No. 1), by Jean M. Auel

Synopsis of ‘The Cave Bear Clan’ (No. 1), by Jean M. Auel

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This novel, "The Clan of the Cave Bear“Of great vigor and astonishing beauty, is a moving saga about human beings, their relationships and the limits of love.

Through the magnificent narrative of Jean M. Auel, we return to the dawn of modern civilization, and in the company of a girl named Ayla, we penetrate the raw and at the same time beautiful Ice Age and in the world that the men and women of that time shared with those who called themselves, The Clan of the Cave Bear.

A natural disaster leaves the girl wandering alone through an unknown and dangerous land, until she is found by a woman who belongs to the Clan, a group of people very different from her own.

As Ayla learns about the Clan way of life and about Iza's healing methods, most end up accepting her and even Iza and Creb, the old Mog-ur, come to love her.

It is the brutal and proud young man, destined to be its next leader, who perceives in his way of being different, a threat against his authority.

So, develop towards the strange girl who lives among them and who belongs to the Others, a constant and deep hatred, and is determined to take revenge.

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