Synopsis of ‘The great defeat of Diocletian’, by Jesús Pardo

Synopsis of ‘The great defeat of Diocletian’, by Jesús Pardo

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Diocletian's great defeat»Is a work by Jesús Pardo, published in 2004.

Gaius Aurelius Valerius DiocletianDalmatian of origin and very modest birth, he is considered one of the most reforming and intelligent sovereigns that Europe has had.

Named emperor of Rome In the year 285 of our era, he soon came to the conclusion that a territory as vast and with borders as difficult as the Roman one needed more than one head.

Thus arose the famous «Tetrarchy«: four emperors who divided the arduous task of ruling the empire equally under his supreme leadership.

The history of Rome, which under this political and administrative model was a veritable raft of oil, became a catastrophic hotbed of civil wars as of 305, when Diocletian - who proclaimed himself "urbi et orbe" "son of Jupiter»- abdicated and forced to Caesar Maximiano.

So the indomitable dynastic ambition made his appearance on the scene.

Diocletian's great defeat'It is a magnificent novel by Jesus Pardo that delves into the complex personality of the person who carried out the harshest persecution of Christians to date.

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