They locate wrecks of more than 200 years ago in Mexico

They locate wrecks of more than 200 years ago in Mexico

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Archaeologists from the INAH of Mexico located remains of a shipwreck more than 200 years ago in the waters of the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, sources from the institution reported this week.

An INAH expert explained that the remains correspond to an English sailing ship from the late 18th or early 19th century, due to the characteristics of the finds, such as an anchor, a cannon and iron ingots used as ballast (to achieve the stability of the ship).

To the flotsam (rest of a wrecked ship) was assigned the name «Manuel Polanco»In honor of the man, who was dedicated to fishing, who located the remains and reported to INAH.

As reported by the institution, is number 70 registered in the Banco Chinchorro biosphere reserve, located in the Pacific off the coast of Quintana Roo.

The figure is so high due to the false atoll (coral island) that is in this place and that gives its name to the area of ​​the «Dream remover«.

The underwater archaeologists of the Subdirectorate of Underwater Archeology (SAS) of INAH Involved in the discovery, they deduce that the crew of that boat made efforts to avoid sinking, since an anchor was found that was thrown into the sea with the intention of holding onto the "barrier reef", where it remains stranded today.

The details began to see the light last Tuesday, and it will not be until the health contingency allows it when it can be resume investigation by surveying plans, research on the characteristics of the context and the collection of samples to limit the temporality.

So far, a general inspection with two diving sessions has been carried out in recent months to locate the wreckage and make a first evaluation.

Laura Carrillo, SAS researcher and head of the Banco Chinchorro Project, explained in a statement from INAH that it is complex to know the dimensions of the sailboat and other details because it is located in an area of ​​strong currents and there is nothing left of the wooden hull.

Only the very solid elements found attached to the coral reef remained in relative good condition.

INAH wanted to thank the work of the fishermen in the area who, like Manuel Polanco, carry out altruistic work by contacting the institute every time they see something that may be related to a wreck.

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