What is and how is an exorcism done? The Rituale Romanum

What is and how is an exorcism done? The Rituale Romanum

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The "Rituale Romanum, Pauli V, Pontificis Maximi jussu editum was edited by the pope Paul V in 1615.

In it, among other things, the code of conduct that an exorcist must follow when expelling demons from the body of a possessed person.

According to the Church,Jesus He is the Great Exorcist, and in his time he was dedicated to expelling demons from the possessed and, therefore, Jesus gives the Church the authority and power necessary to carry out the expulsion of demons in his name.

AtRituale Romanum shows how the different sacraments and sacramental rites should be imparted within theCatholic Church:

Rituale Romanum


  • Ordo Baptismi Parvulorum: Baptism.
  • Ordo Initiationis Christianæ Adultorum: Confirmation.
  • Cultu Mysterii Eucharistici extra Misæ: Eucharist.
  • Ordo Paenitentiae:Penance.
  • Ordo Professionis Religiosæ: Priesthood.
  • Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium: Marriage.
  • Ordo Unctionis Infirmorum eorumque pastoralis curæ: Extreme unction.


  • From Benedictionibus: Blessings.
  • From Exorcizandis Obsessis to Dæmonio: Exorcism.
  • Ordo Exsequiarum: Burial.
  • From Sacra Communione: Communion.
  • From Processionibus: Processions
  • From Litaniæ Approgatæ: Sentence.
  • Others: Pilgrimages, relics, venerations, etc.

Baptism is the first simple form of exorcism, but the exorcism known as "Solemn Exorcism" It can only be officiated by a priest with the permission of the Bishopric.

Exorcism is based on the belief that theEvil oneit has the power to possess a person. Instead, for science does not believe in demonic possessions. The demonized have to have a rational explanation, that is, scientific and physical.

Thus, it is believed that they must be victims ofpsychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, multiple personality or psychopathologies such as Tourette syndrome or obsessive compulsive disorders.

However, all these pathologies are usually difficult or impossible to cure, but the truth is that cases of possible possessions that have been cured are known.

The Church herself also seeks the most rational medical explanation in all possible cases ofpossession. Therefore, in any case of this type, the first thing to do is rule out any mental illness.

Detailed reports from psychiatrists and psychologists who are unable to provide a medical answer to the case are the only ones in which the Church begins to accept as a possible case of possession.

Exorcism is the ultimate.


The demoniac must present a series of characteristic symptoms described in theRituale Romanum: exaggerated aversion to the sacred, knowledge of hidden things or unknown languages, superhuman strength.

Still, the Church recommends the presence of psychologists and parapsychologists in any exorcism process.

Fraud is very frequent in the cases of possessed. People can be easily suggested. Most cases that come before the Church are easily dismissed and brought before a psychiatric professional.

A widely used method of ruling out suggestion is to pronounce any text in Latin that does not belong to the sacred scriptures.

If the alleged possessed reacts to this stimulus, it is most likely a clear case of suggestion. If you do not react to these texts but to sacred texts, medicine begins to be unable to respond.

Once it has been decided to exorcise, thecanon 1172, the Charter of theCongregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of September 29, 1985 andRituale Romanum.

According to himRituale Romanum, this is a summary of the steps an exorcist should take to free a demoniac

Steps to exorcism

Resort to fasting and prayer. Family members must be present at the ritual, if they can, and they must pray at all times and put up with the possessed person who will fight violently against possession.

Show the demoniac a crucifix and, if possible, put you in touch with him. Set him with relics, rosaries, medals and all kinds of sacred objects.

Putting the Consecrated Host in view but being careful that it does not reach and stain it.

Do not have conversations with the possessed, onlyinterrogate him. Do not believe or trust him. In the interrogation, it is necessary to find out the name of the possessed person and the number of demons that possess him, as well as everything related to the how, when and why of the possession.

Chant the rite of Exorcism, insisting on those passages that most seem to affect the possessed and the demon or demons that possess him.

Make the Sign of the Cross insistently and on those parts of the body of the possessed that most seem to react with it.

Spray withHoly Water to the possessed.

Make sure the demon has come out completely, since it will try to pretend that it has.

Church exorcists warn that any occult practice is susceptible to being used by the Evil One to possess his victims, with which they recommend that spiritualistic practices, "Oui-Ja", or the satanic rites, among others, are very dangerous and should not be taken as a game.

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