Brief biography of Demosthenes, the great Greek orator

Brief biography of Demosthenes, the great Greek orator

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Demosthenes (Athens 384 BC - Calauria 322 BC.) was one of the largest speakers of history and an important politician Athenian politician.

His famous oratorical skills are the last significant expressions of Athenian intellectuals before falling into the hands of the King Philip II of Macedonia, father of Alexander the Great.

Learned rhetoric studying speeches by previous speakers and his interest in eloquence are due in particular to his tutor, who led him at an early age to listen to Calistrato, speaker of great repute in ancient Greece.

There, fascinated with the glory and admiration that the aforementioned aroused, he began to practice to become a speaker that aroused admiration as Calistrato.

His first speeches were judicial, when he worked as attorney writing texts for use in private lawsuits.

That's where he comes into contact with politics, but only recently in 354 BC began with the oratory of his first political speeches, mainly to the opposition of the expansion of the kingdom of Macedonia to the south.

Demosthenes commits suicide so as not to fall into the hands of Antipater, who would be the successor in the Macedonian kingdom after Alexander.

His recognitions were many, mainly from the Romans, among them Cicero he praises it saying it was “the perfect speaker, who lacks nothing”And personally, after reading his speeches, I was not so wrong ...

Famous quotes of Demosthenes

There is nothing easier than self-deception. Since what every man wants is the first thing he believes.

Words that are not followed by deeds are worthless.

When a battle is lost, only those who have fled can fight another.

We are willing to believe what we long for.

You are exposed in your life and in your conduct, in your public performances and in your abstinences.

Small opportunities are the beginning of great companies.

We need money, insurance, Athenians, and without money nothing that should be done can be done.

When soldiers flee, they never blame themselves: they blame their general or their comrades.

If you want to be happy entirely alone, you will never get it.

If you are forced to act in the spirit of that dignity, the moment you come to court to judge public cases, you must remember that with the staff and office each one of you receives the trust of the ancient pride of Athens. .

The man who thinks that he owes his birth only to his parents will wait until his natural and destined end arrives; He who is the son of his nation is willing to die rather than see it enslaved, and will watch over those grievances and indignities, which in subjection to the common good he is driven to endure, as more terrifying than death itself.

A rich man without liberality is like a tree without fruit.

Make your family members revere you more than fear you, because love follows reverence, but hatred follows fear.

Big events depend on small incidents.

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