The Biblical Legend of Cain and Abel

The Biblical Legend of Cain and Abel

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According toGenesisCain He is the eldest of the sons ofAdam and Eve, and the first man born in creation, which was dedicated to agriculture. Meanwhile his brotherAbel, was dedicated to herding, and at that time it was common to thankYahweh for the good crops and good breeding of the cattle, reason why both presented their sacrifices.

WhenGod saw them, opted for the sacrifice of blood of bel rather than that of fruits andCain, not because of the quality of it, but because of the good feelings of Abel, on the contrary of his brother.

CainMad with jealousy, he killed his brother with the jawbone of an ass.Yahweh, knowing what had happened, he punished him to wander the Earth eternally.

So far what the legend says in theBible, but from here a series of new myths have been woven. The first of them says that, in realityCain sacrificed his brother, whom he loved, as an act of supreme surrender toGod.

From here two opinions arise, some think that he was punished to err in the world, and others think that in realityGod granted him immortality for his sacrifice.

The legend of Cain as the first vampire

Another legend tells that, punished for murder,Cain went to the land ofNod (land where there was nothing), where he encounteredLilith, whom he asked to make him the firstVampire Man.

The last legend expresses that the fact that God order that no one killCain has created the myth of his immortality and thus, it would continue alive to this day. From here several legends have arisen that relate it to later mythological creatures, such as thevampires.

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