Definition of culture. What is it and what makes it up?

Definition of culture. What is it and what makes it up?

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The term culture derives from the word "culture”From Latin, and began to be used in the century XVIII as a synonym for "good manners“, Resembling it to everything that can be acquired through education.

Already entered the centuryXIX, began to be used as a synonym for civilization, a general concept today.

Definition of culture

The most consistent definition we can give would be:

Culture is all creation of man as a result of social invention, transmitted and preserved through communication and language.

In other words, it is the set of manifestations by which a society expresses its vision of the world, whether through beliefs, music, stories, etc.

Each town has its own history and, which is passed from generation to generation, transmitting and forming in this way, various cultural legacies that endure in a society and even identify it.

Theculture It encompasses all the elements that surround man, including values ​​and customs.

Thus we find homes, work tools, language, rights and duties, among many other aspects that result in the identification of a company.

For culture to be preserved, education is fundamental and basic, both the one they receive at home, in institutions, in churches and in groups, in addition to everything we learn through other means such as magazines, books, movies or television, among others.

Signs that identify it

Culture also has signs that identify it, such as a crucifix, an armor with its spear and a shield, which, in this example, represents the main features of a European society of the Middle Ages.

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