Biography of Horace, the great Roman poet

Biography of Horace, the great Roman poet

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Fifth Horacio Flaco (Quintus Horatius Flaccus) born in Apulia on December 8, 65 B.C. and he died in Rome on November 27, 8 A.D. and is recognized for being the main lyrical and satirical poet of the Latin language.

Horacio biography

His father, a freed slave, tried to give his son the best possible education despite his poverty, taking him to Rome to study Grammar and Rhetoric.

Then he moved to Athens where studied Greek and Philosophy at the Academy Founded by Plato, where he came into contact with the Epicureanism, what He proposed the realization of the good and happy life through the administration of pains and pleasures, not only of the body but also of the intelligence.

This effort made by his father has always been recognized Horatio and her relationship with him is one of the most beautiful displays of filial love in the classical world.

With his poems and odes, he gained the respect of the literary circle of Rome, knowing among others Virgil and then to Caesar Augustus, who offered him protection and even a position as secretary, a position he rejected because of his Epicurean thinking.

Literary work

The literature of Horatio it has won pure praise, mainly from the Renaissance, who were strongly influenced by this author.

Horacio's works

35 BC - Satires (book I)
30 BC - Satires (book II)
30 BC - Epodos
23 BC - First three books of ‘Odes’
20 BC - First book of 'Epistles'
15 BC - Second book of 'Epistles'
13 BC - Iv and last book of ‘Odes’

By his date of death, he had the privilege of witnessing the birth of Jesus Christ, to whom he dedicated a work which has not yet been found, but if her existence is known due to an appointment made to her by her friend Marco Tulio Cicero, in one of his Epistulae ad Familiares.

Horacio and Patron

On one occasion Virgil introduced him to Caius Maecenas, counselor of Caesar Augustus, which became his protector and great friend, even giving him a house in the mountains Sabinas, in the region of Tiber, so that the poet could develop his works calmly. So great was their friendship that they were even buried next to each other.

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