Biography of Silvestre III, Pope and Antipope of the Church

Biography of Silvestre III, Pope and Antipope of the Church

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Sylvester III (Giovanni dei Crescenzi Ottaviani, Rome, around 1000 - Sabina, around 1063) was the Pope No. 146 of the Catholic Church in 1045 and declared antipope a few months later by Benedict IX.

Supported by the Crescencios, seized the papal tiara from Benedict IX on January 20, 1045, but this, supported by the counts of Túsculo, deposed Silvestre on March 10 of that same year, thus recovering the papacy.

So, Silvestre III took refuge in his diocese of Sabina where he continued to act as bishop until the Synod of Sutri (1046), when he was confined in a monastery when the loss of his dignity was declared.

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