Brief biography of the god Apollo, the Roman Phoebus

Brief biography of the god Apollo, the Roman Phoebus

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Who was Apollo in Greek Mythology?

Apollo (Phoebus for the Romans), is perhaps the most versatile god of Greek mythology.

Son of Zeus and Leto and brother of Artemis, was born on the island of Delos where his mother had taken refuge, persecuted by Hera.

God of light, it was assimilated to the Sun although the true sun god was Helios.

Furthermore, as the god of the Arts, he was always accompanied by his entourage: the nine muses.

On the other hand, like Music god he led the choir of the Muses and played the lyre.

Was also God of War, using bow and arrows but without the brutal character of Ares, of agriculture and livestock, as well as of youth.

Apollo and the oracles

He also had divinatory gifts, revealing to mortals the dictates of fate and his oracle at Delphi (where he killed the Python snake) was extremely important for all of Greece.

He had countless children. Some of them were:

  • With the Muse Talía to the Coribantes
  • With the Nymph Cyrene to Areisteo
  • With Dríope to Anfiso
  • With Creusa on
  • With Ftía a Doro
  • With Qione he had Filamón
  • With Deyone to Miletus
  • With Psámate he had Lino
  • With Coronis a Asclepius

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