What is the history of email?

What is the history of email?

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Most of us use email on a daily basis, butwhat's the history of email?

Gmail, Hotmail, emails offered by telephone companies, corporate emails, and even temporary email services such as YOPMail, which serve as an alternative to permanent accounts, being mainly used to register for a service that requires email confirmation but is not wants to give the personal, they are some of the best known email companies, and they play a fundamental role in today's world.

But nevertheless, what is the origin of the email?

The history of email

To find its origin we must go back to the year 1971 when Ray Tomlinson (died March 5, 2016), an American programmer,sent in 1971 the first email in history.

However, technically email predates the creation of the Internet, and in 1962 we found the first email sent.

It was sent by MIT through a timeshare computer.

This system, which allowed many users to log in from various terminals but could save their files in that place, allowed the exchange of emails between the various users, like a messaging service.

In the year 1965, the MAIL service was developed, which made this task much easier.

The first email

Thus, we come to the year 1971, when Ray tomlinson, engineer of Bolt Beranek and Newman, sent the first e-mail in history through the ARPANET network, sending a message from one terminal to another.

It should be noted that Bolt Beranek and Newman was the company responsible for launching Arpanet, the seed of what is now the Internet.

What did the first email in history say?

Simply, the text “QWERTYUIOP”.

The use of the at sign

Until that moment, when the emails were sent within the same computer, it was not necessary to add more than the username.

However, the possibility of sending it from one terminal to another made it necessary to adapt the at sign protocol, which functioned as a divider between a user and the computer to which it was addressed.

That is, it arose as a necessity to be able to send network mail, and not simply local.

Why is the at sign in an email?

His choice was given by not being part of any name, but also, because in English it is read as "at" (en), being the ideal character to fulfill that function.

In the year 1977, the email became a standardized service, which has been adapted to various standards until reaching the current one, RFC733.

On the other hand, in 1981 the protocol for simple mail transfer emerged, better known as SMTP.

Curiosities and great email milestones

Queen Elizabeth II and email

As a curiosity, we must highlight that Queen Elizabeth II was the first female head of state to send an email in 1976.

The birth of the word "email"

On the other hand, and as another curiosity, in 1982 was when the word "e-mail”To designate the email.

Other important email milestones are:

1988- First commercial email software released for Mac
1988: 500,000 email addresses have been created in the world
1990: the first HTML emails are created
1992- Released to MS-DOS, Microsoft Outlook for the first time
1997: Microsoft buys Hotmail
2003: 625 million emails are reached in the world
2007: Google creates and launches Gmail

Email marketing

Finally, we comment that the first email announcement was sent in 1978, and in the 1990s the massification of email marketing began thanks to the popularization of the Internet, at which time companies saw how a new opportunity was presented to them and starting their operations in digital communication.

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