Who are the Dugpas (Red Caps)?

Who are the Dugpas (Red Caps)?

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The Dugpas, in Tibetan, which literally means "red caps", they are a sect of Tibet.

Before the advent of Tsong-ka-pa in the fourteenth century, the Tibetans, whose Buddhism, deteriorated by them, had been horribly adulterated with the doctrines of the ancient religion of the Bhons, they were all dugpas.

Since that century and after the rigid laws imposed on the gelupkas (which means "yellow caps") and the reform and purification of Buddhism (or Lamaism), the dugpas gave themselves more than ever to sorcery, immorality and the scoundrel.

Since then, the word dugpa has become synonymous with "sorcerer" and "adept of black magic".

In eastern Tibet there are few dugpas, but congregate in Bhutan, Sikkim (State of India) and neighboring countries in general.

Since Europeans are not allowed to penetrate beyond those borders, and since Orientalists have never studied the Budo-Lamaism in Tibet, they confuse both religions and put them together under a single title.

Thus, they expose the public pure Dugpaism instead of Budo-Lamaism. In short, Northern Buddhism in its purified or metaphysical form is almost entirely unknown.

The Dugpas: black magicians

The Dugpas or Bhons, the sect of the "Red Caps", are considered the most versed in sorcery, all of them being tantrikas, people who practice the worst form of black magic.

The Dugpas and their relationship with Nazism

There are some authors, especially of occultism, who propose a hypothesis about the Dugpa influence in Nazism, mainly in the main leaders of the regime, especially Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Richard Walther Darré, Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg, something that they transferred with their famous symbolism.

To understand of some theosophists, the Dugpas were the ones behind the Nazi regimeNazi leaders being their envoys to implement Nazism around the world, while they moved the strings behind, with the sole objective of purifying the Aryan race, the superior according to some oriental and mythological texts that served as an influence for this ideology.

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