Dinosaurs: Camptosaurus, the reptile with curves

Dinosaurs: Camptosaurus, the reptile with curves

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Camptosaurus Profile

Translation: reptile with curves
Description: Herbivore, biped, semi quadruped
Order: Ornithischia
Suborder: Ornithopoda
Infraorder: Iguanodontia
Family: Camptosauridae
Height: 3 meters
Length: 7 meters
Weight: 1,814 kg
Period: Late jurassic to the Lower Cretaceous.

The Camptosaurs was a dinosaur that lived between the late Jurassic and the Lower Cretaceous, which had five phalanges and its snout ended in a horny beak.

Since its front legs were short, it walked on its back legs; however, it grazed on all four limbs.

Many skeletons of this dinosaur have been found in England and in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

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