"Sinners, teachers of sex and seduction", by Victoria Román

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In "Sinful«We found a series of women who carried the stigma of sin, were marked without having committed any more fault than having tried to be free or simply to survive in the only way they had within their reach.

From the sinners of old, to Renaissance ladies and the revolution as Lucrecia Borgia or Madame Pompadour.

Also to some illustrious Victorians like Sally Salisbury, without forgetting the daughters of the Belle Epoque as the Bella Otero.

Spies like Mata-Hari, avant-garde models like Kiki de Montparnasse or even Hollywood stars like Jane Mansfield or Joan Crawford.

Women who, in the words of the author of the book ‘Pecadoras’, Victoria Roman, «they simply lived according to their wishes without curbing their desires or their freedom to choose how and with whom they shared their beds or where they directed their steps».

Influential Ladies, Entrepreneurs, Muses, Spies and Lives

They put a price on their love, they traded with her body, they were branded as prostitutes, harlots, libertines, but delving a little into their lives, we discover large doses of misunderstanding and injustice, as well as fascinating stories.

«Sinners is an accusing qualifier, as an accuser it is the finger of men who pointed out many women as an example of everything pernicious and shameful throughout history». With these words, the journalist Vicky Román introduces her book

In it, we find wise and influential women of antiquity who, using their weapons of seduction, managed to scratch levels of power or scandalize.

It is the case of Phryne, one of the most beautiful ladies of Ancient Greece, who was the lover and favorite model of Praxiteles, who was accused of impiety (a crime for which Socrates was sentenced to death), along with the daring to compare herself with the same Aphrodite.

Too enterprising women who built their businesses by trading their bodies, or who advanced art by participating in great works as models or muses.

And women who they just lived up to their wishesWithout curbing their desires or their freedom to choose how and with whom they shared their beds or where they directed their steps, true adventurers for whom the world they had predestined was too small.

British actress, activist and suffragette Lillie Langtry, Cora Pearl, lover and favorite of princes, many of them from the Bonaparte family, courtesans who granted sexual favors in exchange for benefits, "thriving in the different European courts jumping between the beds of kings and even on papal beds", as was the case from Veronica Franco.

Legend figures like Annie oackley, in the wild west, Genevieve Lantelme, a fashion icon and one of the most beautiful women in «Belle epoque«, Or Marilyn monroe are some of the figures to which this book magnanimously recovers to whom it pays homage.

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