Peru recovers a valuable 1838 manuscript by Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca

Peru recovers a valuable 1838 manuscript by Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca

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Peru recovered a valuable manuscript written in 1838 by Justo Apu Sahuaraura Inca, a catholic priest, hero of Independence Y direct descendant of the Incas, who was dedicated in the nineteenth century to rescue the memory of his ancestors.

Entitled «Memories of the Peruvian monarchy or sketch of the history of the Incas", the writing disappeared during the War of the Pacific (1879-1884), who pitted Chile against Peru and Bolivia and stripped Peruvians of various cultural assets.

However, the document returned on November 5 to its country of origin thanks to the efforts of the National Library of Peru (BNP), an entity that through the Peruvian Consulate in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) managed to get in touch with contact with the Brazilian Mindlin family, who had it since the 1970s and intended to sell it.

Gerardo Trillo, Director of Collections Protection at BNP, considers that This recovery is one of the most important achieved by that institution.

«The value of this document from 1838 is incalculable. It was always considered an extremely rare documentary gem, we have no other case of this nature"He said, adding that the publication is so exceptional of its kind that"It has colored illuminated plates that represent the different Incas«.

For Trillo, the most important thing is that now the researchers will have a «grand opening»To study the document.

For his part, the Master in History Javier Flores Espinoza agrees that there are very few illustrated manuscripts from the colonial era.

«In Mexico there are several, in South America there are few, and less those that are the work of Andean authors. This is a singular case, even rarer, more valuable«, Where they are rescued«the traditions of the Indians and the nobility of Cusco«.

The work of Sahuaraura

For your work, Sahuaraura consulted documents –now extinct– with those who portrayed the Inca period until the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century.

In fact, this researcher He used to call himself the «last descendant of the imperial line of the Incas», since its roots came from the maternal line of Cristóbal Paullo Inca, the Inca Huayna Cápac and the royal panaca (family) of the Inca Pachacútec.

At this time, BNP is studying the most appropriate techniques to preserve the material. For now, It has already been digitized and can be consulted online.

BNP announced that it has a broader strategy for retrieving bibliographic materials.

Until now, for example, the Department of Libraries of Chile has returned 4,518 to Peru that were extracted from the National Library during the occupation of Lima.

Via: National Library of Peru

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