Greek mythology: who was Phryxus?

Greek mythology: who was Phryxus?

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Phryxus was the son of Atamas (or Atamante), king of Orcomene in Boeotia, and of Nefele; and brother of Hele.

Atamante's second wife, Ino, daughter of Cadmus and Harmony, tried to get rid of the children of Atamante's first marriage for which he tried to have them immolated to Zeus so that a period of sterility of the fields would cease.

The brothers were saved by the Chrysomallo ram (the Golden Fleece), sent by Zeus himself outraged by Ino's lie, the one who transferred them to the east on his back.

Heles fell into the sea during the voyage (giving the name Hellespont to that part) Y Phryxus came to the kingdom of Colchis, where well received by King Aeetes, sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave the king the Golden Fleece (that the Argonauts would go looking for).

Phryxus married a daughter of Aetes, Calciope, with whom among others he had Argos, Frontis, Citísoro and Melas.

Another tradition says that married Ioafa, also daughter of Aetes with whom she had Presbón. According to these two versions he had a long life that he spent at Colquis.

A third version says that was killed by Aetes, because a prophecy had announced that he would be dethroned by a grandson of Aeolus.

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