They find the oldest wooden well in the world

They find the oldest wooden well in the world

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A Neolithic wooden well discovered in Czech Republic Two years ago it was the oldest wooden structure in the world, said Czech archologists this Tuesday, February 4, 2020, after subjecting it to exhaustive tests.

We have performed a dendrochronological analysis and confirmed it with carbon dating”Said Jaroslav Peska from the Archaeological Center of the city of Olomuc, in the eastern Czech Republic.

The wooden well dates back to 5256-5255 BC. At this time there is no older artificial wood structure dated by dendrochronology in the world, although it could change in the future”Peska explained.

Initially about four meters deep, the well was discovered in 2018 at the site of a future highway about 120 km east of the capital Prague.

We have unearthed a piece of wood that measures 1.4 meters”Peska explained. According to CTK press agency, the well structure was built with the help of four posts located in the corners and they have incisions to place the plates on top.

Until now, scientists estimated that this technology had been used much later.

Archaeologists removed the structure and the soil it contained, which is also being tested to try to have a Neolithic environment idea, the last stage of the stone age.

The structure "It is currently under conservation, and once it is completed, it will be transported to a museum in the neighboring town of Pardubice in two to three yearsPeska declared.

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