Cosmogenesis and the Mayan Creation Myth

Cosmogenesis and the Mayan Creation Myth

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To understand the Mayan Cosmogenesis we must base ourselves on what it says the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayans.

The Popol Vuh explains that at first, everything was suspended and silentOnly the calm sea and the sky were there.

Only the Creator, the Maker, Tepeu and Gucumatz and the Progenitors were surrounded by clarity.

Tepeu and Gucumatz they spoke and put their words and their thoughts together to create man. They also created everything that has life and as a support they made the land emerge from the sea.

First, the Gods created the man out of mudbut it was falling apart. They then tried to do it of wood, but they had no soul or understanding and therefore they could not worship the gods. For which they were destroyed in a great flood. The sun and the moon had not yet appeared.

The Gods then proceeded, faced with failure with the men of clay and those of wood, to make corn men and thus four men were created with corn (Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah and Iqui-Balam).

These gifted with intelligenceThey could see and know absolutely everything just like the Gods, so they decreased their ability to see only what was close to them, also limiting their wisdom so that they were not equal to Them.

They were created after women (Cahá Paluna de Balam-Quitzé; Chomihá de Balam-Acab; Tzununihá de Mahucutah; Caquixahá de Iqui-Balam). And they multiplied, but there was still no light, the sun had not yet appeared. Tohil then gave them fire.

After a long wait, Icoquih appeared (the planet Venus) and later, the sun, the Moon and the stars, which generated joy in humanity that then began to offer their blood to the gods to feed them.

The Mayan Creation Myth

Nun-Yal-He (Revealed Corn), the First Father, was captured and killed by the Lords of Xibalbá. He was rescued and resurrected thanks to his sons, the twins Hunahpú and Ixbalanqué.

He then proceeded, Nun-Yal-He, to create our world on the date 4 Ahau-8 Cumkú (equivalent to August 13, 3114 BC).

First raised the World Tree (Wakah-Chan) separating Heaven from Earth.

Then, the First Father built his house in that Elevated Sky and ordered the entire superior universe, giving its movement to the stars. This Heaven consisted of thirteen floors.

Then he established the directions of the Cosmos and the four corners, guarded by the jaguar Bacabs of the color of the associated cardinal point.

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In the center, green, were located the World Tree and the three stones of Creation (placed by the auxiliary Gods representing the sacrifice, death and resurrection of the First Father).

That center was the navel of the world and the umbilical cord was represented by a snake-headed rope emerging from the belly of Nun-Yal-He.

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