They confirm that the oldest human footprint in America is that of Chile

They confirm that the oldest human footprint in America is that of Chile

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The 15,600 year footprint discovered in southern Chile it is the oldest human footprint in America, as explained by the researchers in the study recently published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

Found in 2010 by a student at the Universidad Austral de Chile, scientists worked for years to rule out the possibility that the footprint could have belonged to other species, and determine the estimated age of the fossil.

The paleontologist supervising the studies, Karen Moreno, explained that the researchers also found animal bones near the site of the find, including those of primitive elephants, but determined that the footprint was evidence of human presence.

Moreno explained that "this is the first evidence of humans in the Americas prior to 12,000 years."

"In South America, little by little, we are beginning to find sites with evidence of human presence, but this footprint is the oldest in America," he added.

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