More than 30,000 archaeological objects found in the Rio de Janeiro zoo

More than 30,000 archaeological objects found in the Rio de Janeiro zoo

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More than 30,000 archaeological objects were found in the remodeling work carried out at the Rio de Janeiro Zoo, the authorities announced at the beginning of April, in what is considered a “archaeological treasure”.

Most of these objects belong to the 19th century and cover until the early years of the 20th century, and narrate part of the History of Brasil of these centuries, that of Rio de Janeiro and Quinta de Boa Vista, the complex where the zoo is located.

"A good part of the elements dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when in the place (where they were found) there was a villa for the employees of the Imperial Palace," announced the Mayor's Office in its statement.

In addition to all the objects from the imperial era, also The remains of a barracks built after the proclamation of the Republic were found, in the year 1889.

Among the objects were various dishes, plates, cups, cutlery and buttons of military uniforms, among other things.

The Mayor's Office announced that part of the objects found in the zoo will become part of a permanent sample to be installed in the venue itself.

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