Exhibition "Seven faces of Picasso" at the Picasso Museum in Madrid


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The Picasso Museum-Eugenio Arias Collection presents the exhibition “Seven faces of Picasso”, A tribute to the Malaga genius through a series of photographs reinterpreted by different artists.

On April 22, 1964, the Catalan biographer and poet Josep Palau took a portrait of Picasso with his old Kodak, which is the starting point of this exhibition.

This snapshot has been reinterpreted and intervened by artists of the stature of Joan Fontcuberta, Luis Gordillo, Antoni Llena, Antoni Muntadas, Carlos Pazos, Perejaume and Antoni Tàpies, based on an invitation from the Palau Foundation, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Josep Palau.

In these interventions, each artist integrates the proposal with their own language and creative interest: the works of Fontcuberta and Muntadas reflect on the concept of authorship and artistic processes, while Tàpies and Perejaume work on the question of the presence and absence of the artist. For their part, Gordillo, Llena and Carlos Pazos analyze and influence issues related to identity.

In parallel to the exhibition, the museum has scheduled guided tours every Sunday at 12 noon.

From April 9 to June 30
Picasso Museum of Madrid