Hellenistic-era anchors discovered on Egypt's Mediterranean coast

Hellenistic-era anchors discovered on Egypt's Mediterranean coast

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An archaeological mission led by the University of Alexandria has unearthed several anchors from the Hellenistic period while inspecting the Baghoosh area near Marsa Matruh, under the supervision of the Central Department of Submerged Antiquities of the Ministry of Antiquities.

The head of the department, Ihab Fahmy, stated that the anchors were made of stone, iron and lead, and that dated from the Hellenistic period and up to the 20th century.

He explained, in turn, that marine activities were frequent in various historical periods in this area.

The mission will continue anchor studies and about its development in Egypt.

Several have also been found pottery objects in the Mediterranean area of ​​North Africa, Greece, Italy, Spain and Palestine.

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